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Why United Kingdom find effective and affordable treatment for marijuana addiction at The Cabin London

United Kingdom account for approximately 15% of the 200 million people who smoke the drug worldwide. London makes up for a large majority of the 300,000 people that smoke pot everyday in United Kingdom, and although many reports show that total marijuana use in United Kingdom is decreasing, the people who are still using the drug are smoking more of it, more often.

Marijuana, or cannabis, is often thought of as a low level drug, and in recent years it has become more and more socially accepted. It is by the far the most widely used drug worldwide, and this comes down to its availability, price and low level of attached stigma. Cannabis is grown locally in almost every country in the world, and this means it is not only easily accessible, but that it can be a lot cheaper than many other illicit drugs.

Many people think that marijuana is a harmless drug with a very small rate of addiction, but in fact, more than 10% of rehab patients have stated that marijuana is their drug of choice. It is particularly addictive in younger smokers, and marijuana addiction or dependence can have a detrimental effect on the development of the brain in young users.

While many people believe that cannabis is not a dangerous drug, the reality is that marijuana addiction can have serious negative side effects on users. If you think that you or someone you love is suffering from a marijuana addiction, it is important to seek professional help. A thorough assessment is done for every new patient at The Cabin London.


Why You Should Seek Treatment at The Cabin London

At The Cabin London, we offer outpatient programmes that can be adjusted to fit the addict’s busy schedules. Sessions to treat marijuana addiction can be booked around work and social events, thus it will have not disrupt their every day life. We also understand that drug addiction treatment is of a personal nature, and all of our programmes are extremely discreet.


Our Treatment Methods

Our marijuana addiction treatment programme is based on the internationally recognised Recovery Zones method, combined with a modern take on the 12 Steps. Our staff are all highly qualified and professional. All clients will be offered counselling, therapy, group support meetings and any medication necessary to help with the marijuana addiction treatment . For clients whose families have been adversely affected by their addiction, we also offer family therapy sessions to assist them in getting over any harm caused.

If a client wishes for (or is in need of) a full inpatient rehabilitation process, we can easily transfer them to our residential drug rehab centre in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Full Residential Rehabilitation at The Cabin Rehab

The Cabin Chiang MaiThe Cabin Chiang Mai is an internationally recognised drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation facility located in Northern Thailand. Our luxury inpatient facility is set amid the serene, forested foothills of Chiang Mai and offers a quiet and secluded place to focus on your healing. Our Western accredited staff tailor-make every treatment programme around the individual, and do not simply focus on the medical side of addiction but the emotional and physical aspects as well. The Cabin Chiang Mai is a perfect place for United Kingdom to come to get their minds and bodies healthy once again.


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